Week of November 14th 2016

Day 1

  1. 3-position snatch: floor, below knees, mid-thigh. 7 sets. Rest at least 2:00 between sets. Last set should be tough but form stays intact – 130 heaviest weight to do all three without dropping the bar.
  2. Behind the neck clean grip strict press. Start light 5-5-5 rest 2:00 – this felt really weird, i ended up having to start at the top, come down and press up.
  3. Reverse alternating lunge. 3 x 12 rest 2:00


“Isabel” – 30 snatches at 135  (feel free to scale if needed – 115/95, whichever works best for high intensity. – Scaled 115lbs Time 3:19

PM – 400 Calories on the Assualt Bike

Day 2

  1. Dumbbell External Rotation 3 x 8-10/arm, 30X1 rest :60/arm (start very light)

B1. strict pullups 3 x 7-9, 30X1 rest :60

B2. Strict HSPU or negatives, 3 x amrap -1 rest 2:00


EMOM 20:

1st: 10 row cals

2nd: 8 HPC (same weight as last week) @135lbs

3rd: 6 CTB pullups, 6 dumbbell thrusters, TOUGH – used 40lbs DB, have a tweak in my shoulder..

4th: rest


Sled drag 600m moderate – not enough time to get this done.  Street gets busy as well..



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