Week of September 26th 2016

AM (Optional) 40m Z1 row, assault bike, or swim

PM (Lunch Time) – Took time off this morning, rough sunday.

  1. Snatch – build to a max in no more than 7 reps. – great lunch time session. Weather was cooler, managed 155lbs a low power snatch and got a new PR 160lbs Power Snatch!! wahoo!!
  2. Back squat: 3-3-3 41X1 (4 second descent) rest 3:00 – 285lbs , 2 sets same weight at same weight.

I may regret putting this in but NO PENALTIES were given today!

5:00 clock: row 1000m, 26 wall balls. For every wall ball NOT completed in the time cap, 2 burpees over box. – 3 seconds to spare, unbroken wall balls

Rest 5:00

26 wallballs, Row 1000m.  For every second slower than first row, 1 round of Cindy (cap it at 8) Р5 seconds to spare, unbroken wall balls.  Must be the cooler weather.

Rest 5:00 – none done!

Do any penalty reps from first two 5:00 pieces.

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