Week 7 and the Open

So the open is upon us, this week marks 15.1 announcement and though my training has become more focused i’m still tentative about what’s coming.  Obviously they have included an RX and a scaled division this year which means that the RX workouts have the potential to be that much more difficult (for me anyway) but i’ve done RX for the last 2 years, i might as well keep going.

The training for This week has been slightly scaled down in preparation.

Day 1. (Videos)

A. Thruster, work up to a tough double.  Managed to get 195lbs, i did something weird on the last one, i put the weight overhead and then adjusted my feet, not sure why i did that.

B. Amrap 12:00 Cap (80%) – I almost finished the 2nd Round.  TTB still slow me down.  The back bar is terrible for them and the front bar allowed me to get three in a row.  it’s still going to be a killer. I know they will, but fingers crossed they are smaller sets in the open.

I’ve also started something i should have started 6 weeks ago. I signed up for www.Romwod.com, and so far i think that it’s helping, 6 weeks probably would have helped alot but don’t dwell just move on.

  • Row 400 M
  • 15 Thrusters 95lbs
  • 15 TTB

Day 2.

A. Squat Clean and Jerk – Build to tough single.  Missed 205lbs on the clean the 1st time, nailed it on the 2nd time.

B. 10:00 Cap 90% effort. – Got 4 reps into 15 on the G2OH at 145lbs..

  • 3,6,9,etc
  • G2OH @ 60% of A
  • CTB Pullups – had to do jumping PUs

+ 1000 M Row.

Day 3. – Had transportation issues so never made it to the gym (not pleased with that..) plus it was my Daughters birthday so spent most of any free time running around sorting out cake and food.

Day 4.  30 Minute Row. Started easy and just kept an easy pace. 5.5K rowed, while watching the class do their WOD..

Day 5.

Thursday night go the box to see the announcement and see what’s in store with the open and watch the pros do the workout and wow TTB! anything body weight I hate and TTB are my 2nd worse thing to see.

I planned to do this on the Friday morning as it fits into my schedule for the next couple of weeks so hopefully i can continue to get mark to come in early to judge me.

Showed on Friday morning and it was/wasn’t nice to see that the class was doing it as well which was nice for me as i had companions but not so nice for them (but they did it)

So warmed up and was ready.  15.1 I was dreading the TTB as in the back room the pull up bars are terrible so over the last few weeks it was tough but when i jumped on the regular bar i was surprised.  I managed to get 3 reps less 3 rounds and for my experience with body weight movements i was happy with that..

15.1A – 6 minuts to get a 1RM C&J.  took a minute or two to recover, threw on 185lbs and hit it.

Threw on more weight to take it to 215lbs and hit that as well. 10lb PR over what i set earlier in the week so i was happy with that as well.

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