Week 6

We start another week that almost didn’t happen.  I must be eitehr getting into a good routine or getting like an old man.  I set the Alarm last night, i’m sure of it, and I woke this morning as i normally do before it went off.  I turned the clock around to check the time and yup 5:30 with no alarm..Yikes!!

Needless to say i make it to the gym a little later and didn’t manage to finish the extra Rows that i had on the schedule.  First day back at School for everyone after the break and I’d rather not be too late getting back home..

Day 1. (Videos)

Squat Snatch from blocks 60%-70%, 6×1 at Mid Thigh.  The box doesn’t have blocks so i improvised and used a couple of box jumps and put some sand bags to keep the bar from rolling.  It seemed to work but it was the weirdest thing i’ve done in a long time.  I couldn’t figure out where my body was supposed to be which had me thinking more than i probably should have.  100lbs on the bar.  Need to increase my 1 rep max..  Skill work leads to success.

B1. Bench Press 8-6-4-4 – Worked up so that the last set of 4 I was doing 195lbs.

B2. Pendlay Row 4×6 – worked up so that the last set was 185lbs.  these were more controlled and i managed to use less of a hip to get it up.

Rowing – Running late so didn’t get these in at all…

Day 2.

A. Hang Power Clean, 12×1 @ light/moderate. – Said light to moderate and i started the first round with set with 145lbs on the bar but threw on another 20lbs to bring it up to 165lbs.  With a power clean of just over 200lbs on a 1RM it’s about 70%-80%.

B. 2PP + 2PJ + 2SJ – worked up the weights on this, I had 175lbs on the Bar, made 2PP and 1PJ, then my wrists were hurting (i’m wondering if i’m too narrow on the hand position..need to work on some flexability again).  I racked it and tried the PJ again, and dropped it.  Waiting a mintue picked the bar back up and finished the set with 175lbs..

4 Rounds for Even time: – So I managed 2:52, 2:56, 2:52 and then 2:56 to finish off.  My cycle time on the burpees is terrible.  I started the first set and my left hip area went **Ouch**, i worked through it and it got easier as i went along..  I think it’s mental, i can do them faster but then i’m completly gassed

  • 8 Box jump overs – 24″
  • 10 DB PP @55lbs (might have been too heavy but the next set down was 35lbs which would have been too light)
  • 12 Burpees
  • 50 SU
  • 2:00 Rest

Day 3.

A. Squat Snatch+ 2OHS. 5×1.  Very happy with today’s result.  My OHS increased last week Saturday to 165lbs and normally my Squatch Snatch held at 145lbs.  NOT Today!!. 145lbs felt good so i went to 155lbs with success, so i thought why not, and hit 165lbs confidently.  I got under it, held it and stood up and the OHS’s were not too bad either, i think that i’ve got more there as well..

B. Front Rack Lunge 8-10.  As I did last week, whatever i manged to get overhead i used for the lunges so it was 165lbs..  not too bad from the video i didn’t fall over and tried to keep upright as best as possible.

EMOM 8:00 – 7 Jumping Pullups (Odd), 2 Wall Walks (Even).  took the explanation from coach and with the bar just above mid forearm, i did jumping C2B pullups.  I figured if i can get my Chin over try for chest (success).  I did watch a previous video from Pat about wall walks so i did them as explained.  Walls and floors were damp and slippery…

EMOM 8:00 – 5 Ring Dip Negatives (Odd), 0:30 Seconds hard row.  Managed to hit 3 on average, negatives. After all that shoulder work tehy were tired..but finished out the 8 mins..

Day 4.

Big Weight Day!!! The DeadLift!!

A. Deadlift build to a tough 1RM – worked up to 335lbs… happy with that, hell very happy with thtat. when i did my testing over 6 weeks ago 315lbs was a struggle, felt tough by good..

A1. AMRAP HR PU :030. :60 rest – made 18/16/16

A2. one Arm DB row. 8 reps each @55/65/75..

8:00 Amrap.. – This sucked I hate TTB (or anything that requires hanging). I’ve actually started to shave my Calious areas and i’m seriously thinking of getting some gloves though not sure if they will help with the pain of pressure.. 2 rounds done. TTB really slow me down!

  • 7TTB
  • 10 KBS
  • 12 Wall Balls
  • 30 Su

Day 5.

Let’s try this again.. This had the making of something out of the Crossfit open for sure.  13 mins to get it all done.  I saw this at the beginning of the week and was looking somewhat forward to doing this workout, I don’t have issues with Rowing or cleans it was just the burpees that gave me concern.  I finished the row in about 3-4 mins and then started on the burpees. I did them in sets of 5,I thnk that it’s that mental “Game” to try and keep something in the tank as i know that i’m not finished.

I managed to make it through 25/30 cleans @115lbs, before the buzzer went, took a breather and then finished the last 5 cleans and 20 jumping pullups.

13 Mins Cap..

  • 60 Cal Row
  • 40 Burpees
  • 30 Power Cleans @ 50% 1Rm
  • 20 MU/CTB PU/ Jumping PU.

Next Item on my plans for the next 5 weeks.. Scaled or RX? …… RX!!!

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