Week 5

After the Client Wod #14, is it normal that the front of my legs are sore?  all of those OHS and Box Jumps.. Still got my ass out of bed and went to the gym!

Day 1.

A. Squat Snath Clusters 5×1.1 @ 60%-70% – So obviously I don’t have a big snatch since we tested at 145lbs so i put 100lbs on the Bar to do this.  Wasn’t so bad was too far back on 1 set and fell over.

B1. Bench Press, 8-8-6-6 :60 rest  – Bench press 135/165/185/195

B2. Pendlay Row, 4×6-8, 2:00 Rest. –  – Pendlay Row: 145/145/175/175 (first time ever doing these, i might be able to go bigger but worry that i’ll “hip” it up rather than trying to keep it strict.


3 sets: – 0:40 row @97% 4:40 Rest..

Day 2.

– power clean build to a tough single. Managed to hit 205 after failing it once. I know what happened I got lazy again on my turnovers.

– 3 push press, 2 push jerk 1 split jerk. I hit 165. I put 185 on but just didn’t have it in me.

– 4 sets increasing effort. The further I went the effort to do it was increasing rather than the output. I thought the last round was was best. Turns out it wasn’t. 2:45, 2:45, 3:07, 3:13

Day 3.

– snatch balance. I hit 145lbs and felt better at the bottom. I hit it and almost fell but held it and stood up. + 1 OHS

Emom was ok, I put the bar about wrist position for the jumping pull ups and tried to hold it just that one second longer. I had a minute so figured more effort to build my pull ups.

I hit the GHD. I don’t like this machine. I don’t go all the way down and tried to go below parallel as best I can. It pulls on my hip area and hurts. But I got the three rounds in (see the video)


DEADLIFT… it’s getting harder to get moving in the morning, can’t wait to not be that single parent again..

Worked my way up to a comfortable 305lbsx2 Deadlift.  Felt good, certinaly feel that i can surpase my 315lbs max set at testing..

B1. Ring Dips.  I have the strength to hold myself on the rigs but the dips aren’t there yet.  I put toes on a box to take some of the weight off and completed 5 reps each set.

B2. Wall Walks.  They are what they are..

8:00 @85% 8 TTB, 6 DB Man Makers, 10 Box Jumps. – it’s my hands that stop me on this. not sure if it’s becuase i’m just heavy that i have a tight grip on the bar but after about 3 reps at the start my hands are so painful that i have to let go.  it’s a long process after this allowing me only 2 full rouds.

8:00 @85% 10 Wall Balls, 50 Skips, :45 Plank.  This was better i started to get into a rhythm with the wall balls where i would start to squat as it came to me.  I managed 4 rounds so felt good about this..

Day 5.

You know what looking at this originally i didn’t think it was that bad, and after doing it i still concurr with that original thought.  It was long, i ended up with 30 seconds rest 1st 10 mins , 1 min rest 20-30, and i had about loads of time in the last round.

I didn’t have an issue with the KB Snatches, did them in sets of 10. It took me back to the days at my old Box where there was a lot of KB Work.  I did all of the G2OH in batches of 5, took a break and just kept going. I watched the clock and finished with over a minute to spare.  I didn’t go 100% probably 60% on the G2OH..  ( only took a bit of video doing the g@OH but the angle is not flattering at all (as i took off my shirt) and i don’t want to see it so I doubt anyone else will either..)

Bring on the DU and T2B. now all i need to do is figure out a way to sort out the pain in my hands..!!

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2 Responses to Week 5

  1. Pat McCarty says:

    Keith, I can help with the pain/issues on the GDH; I dont see a link to the video though. Let me know how I can see it and I will get you some feedback. Thanks!

    • krdslv says:

      Thanks, pat Video links have all been updated. I’ve gone through the GHD situp before so i understand how to do them. I know that i wasn’t flexing my quads when i came up and i feel that i’m tense the whole way down (well as far as i can go..)

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