Week 2.

Felt better at the end of this week though I still need to work on my snatches.  Still powering them when it gets heavy and not dropping under them.  Something i need to be mindful of.

the last workout seems to be the worst every week but i’m sure that’s planned, i’m not as sore by weeks end and I think i’ve lost the weight that i put on over Christmas. I use my work pants as a guage and they are slipping on like they used to.

Week 2 – 01/19 – 01 (Videos)

Day 1

  1. Hang power snatch from just above knees, build to a tough double – I was happy with this I managed to hit 145lbs for a double. Powered it which means i have more just need to work on getting under it in a full squat!! This will come with building my overhead stability as well.

B1. DB Bench press, 3×4-6; :60 rest – 45lbs/75lbs/75lbs

B2. Ring rows, 3×4-6; :60 rest


3 sets: :25 row @97% 3:00 rest

Day 2

  1. Power clean, 10×1 @ 80% of 1RM, begin a set every :30 – 180lbs Comfortable
  2. Split jerk, 5×1 @ 80-85% of 1RM, begin a set every 2:00 – 175lbs.


4 sets for even times:

  • 20 single unders
  • 8 KB swings, 53
  • 8 burpees
  • 20 single unders
  • :90 rest

– Counting down from a 20min start.. Split Times 1:06 / 1:03 / 1:04 / 1:03

Day 3

  1. Overhead squat, 3×3, 20×1; 2:00 rest – Warmed up with a few OHS. 135lbs / 145lbs / 155lbs (which i think is a PR but i’m not sure if i wnt low enough. someone will have to review the video and let me know..)


For 15:00

1st min- 10 wall ball

2nd min- 4 pull up negatives – Feeling this in my lats so it must be working. Keep going!!

3rd min- 6 DB push press


5 sets:

:60 row @ 85% – this was tough i’ll have to admit, i hit about 45-50 seconds and started to die..

:60 row @ 50%

Day 4

A1. Deadlift, 4×8 touch and go, :60 rest – I only did 185lbs last week and it didn’t feel great. This week I had a beter week. Warmed up and started the D/l – 185lbs / 205lbs / 225lbs / 225lbs.  I felt good after the last set. Seems that my issues with my hip area are starting to clear, it’s not perfect but time will tell.

A2. Ring push ups, 4×8-10, 2:00 rest – 10 Reps each time.


8:00 @ 80% of (:30 L-sit + 10 box jump overs + 10 airdyne calories) – using the Chris Spealler method used in the 2014 Games i managed to get to the start of the 4th Round with the L-Sits. 

4:00 rest

8:00 @ 80% of (5 DB man makers + 30 single unders + 1 rope climb(25M Bear Crawl)) – Finished 3rd Round, but this was tough by the end of the hour.

Day 5


A. Work up to a heavy, not a max, Thruster in 15 minutes. – 15 minutes worked up to 185lbs. heavy but not maximum.

“Grid Bite” – This looked easier than it was T2B ate up 6 mins of my time and i didn’t realise how tough the Dumbell Burpee box overs. I gave a 20inch box a go and was ok, but when i got to the 24″ box i just couldn’t get over the mental block. HPSU normal are a no go, so a 5″ deficit was not possible. – Glad it was the last day..

For time: 17:40

20 thrusters #95/65
20 Toes to bar
10 dumbbell burpee box jump overs #35/25 per hand
9 burpee ring touch, set rings at 8″ above max reach
5 deficit HSPU 5″ deficit (Women: 2″ deficit)
20 Thrusters.

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