It was Bound to happen..

Wow, it’s hard to belive that it’s been almost a year since I was asked to leave the Box that i committed a lot of time and energy to and now i’ve almost come full circle in my training needs.

I’ve always said that the coaching i wanted wasn’t there and i’ve always looked for something more personal to me and my needs and goals.  This time last year when I left for my own reasons, I moped around the house not sure what to with myself when I discovered that my neighbour had setup his own garage with a few bits and pieces including a Bar and some bumper plates.

I asked to join, he agreed and I jumped at this opportunity.  I went out a bought a 20lb Medicine ball, brought down my Dip Bars and took my lifting shoes and rope.

I had arranged with the Coach that was let go from the other gym to send us some workouts based on the equipment we had on hand, it was a lot of running, thanks Matt.. (Crossfit BDF).  It worked out nicely for a bit, i even did the 2014 Crossfit Games Open workouts in his Garage (with the exception of 1. No rower ), but then i started to miss a little more social interaction and decided that i needed to go back to a more class driven regime, so i Moved to CrossfitBDA, in the true nature of a crossfit Gym, no questions, ands if or but’s just welcome and i met a really nice group of people in the Morning Crew.

The Workouts were great, and getting to use equipment that i was missing with the drive of a little competition has really helped.

It’s only been a few months since joining CrossfitBda and I found myself coming back to the same concern. I have weakness, we all do but i find that i was longing for programming that was tailored to me and my needs.  I had thought about doing some auxilary work to augment the workouts that i was doing in the morning but I know my bodies limitations and didn’t want to program run interval on my own to have them programmed in the WOD the next morning, as an Older Athlete (41) I need to be smarter.

I started taking Supplements from Ten Instittute, Which i think has really helped in My Strength Gains and my recover. Front Squat – 195lbs – 270lbs for example.

This is what i take..(if anyone is interested)

As one of those Crossfit obsessed groupies i of course read almost everything that comes across one of my Social Media feeds and started to read this article

EMOMs: The Most Misunderstood Method in CrossFit

Which was quite fitting as I had skipped a 30 minute EMOM that was posted at the box for any number of excusses that you want to list…

Interesting Topic and a view that i could relate to, but the most interesting part of the article was the blurb about the Author, Patrick McCarthy who not only is a Masters Athlete but a Crossfit Games athlete and Coach so i thought who better to understand the needs of an older Athlete to get what i’m looking for..

So i went and had a look at the website, and after sometime time to consider everything (might have been 30 minutes) I Bit.

I’m now in the Initial Stages of the Next chapter..

Phase I – Testing

I have 10 days of WODs to gauge my abilities and then in 2015 it’s down to work. 6 month commitment, balls to wall realistic goals, it’s an old Tag but “Watch this Space”

Coaching and Programming

Games 2014. 465 Deadlift.

Masters Athletes: If your goals are to compete, it’s no longer sufficient to simply do classic CrossFit wods. In order to be prepared for the Open and make a run at the games, or to excel at some of the large-scale masters competitions that are continuing to spring up, you need a program and you need a coach.

I offer individualized programming that will allow you to pursue your goals toward the Games or other large-scale competitions. This includes weekly, specific programmed training, video review and feedback, Skype check ins, and nutrition/supplement recommendations.

This allows you to focus on training without having to stress about what program to follow. Smart, progressive training that will keep you moving toward your goal, healthy and uninjured.

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A Box, a bunch of Sweaty people and 1000’s of Pounds..

I can’t even say that the title would make for an interesting read but it would raise an eyebrow or two, and someone i’m sure would say WTF??

Over the Weekend CrossfitBDA hosted a Weightlifting workshop with the group from Power and Grace.. Here is the blog from day 1; we had the privilege of meeting Spencer Arnold, Emily Carothers and Mike Poppa.  The amount of Skill, knowledge and talent that they had were astounding.. It was amazing to watch them move and hear the tips/tricks and skill movements to make everyone better.

Saturday i walked away with a 155lbs Power Snatch, which was a 5lb PR over my Squat Snatch.  I wasn’t happy with it as it was ugly.  I have an issue where when the weight gets heavier i try and power it rather than get down under it. Not sure what the issue is but something i have to be mindful of.

Sunday i Walked away with a 225lb clean, which again was a 5lb PR over my previous clean but though i made the Jerk at 205lb, i missed it at 225lb.  It was my last lift of the day and i was feeling it for sure..

I had a lot of fun over the weekend, i have to thank everyone who put this on, and i have to thank my family for basically giving me the 2 days off to do this.

The Take Aways:

  1. I still need to work on my lifts, both strength components as well as technique
  2. I need to get down to a more optimal weight.  205lb is now my goal for 2015! I left college at 220lbs and last year i weighed in at 285lbs now down to 245lbs-250lbs.
  3. I need coaching for me. Both for programming and for nutrition. I know what foods i should and shouldn’t be eating but it’s become apparent that i don’t know what, how much and when to eat to be effective.  Some suggested that i may event be in a state a caloric deficiency.. I know right…
  4. Mobility and Maintenance. I think that i have ok mobility but need to focus on maintenance and again, a plan. Workout in the morning and perhaps stretching/rolling or active recovery at lunch or evening.

The Weaknesses

  1. Hands!! my #1 annoyance which affects all my Rig work (pullups/T2B etc.)  I get on the bar and as recommended put my pinky knuckle over the bar and there is a pinch acros the entire width of my hand. i’m either gripping it wrong or it’s something that needs to be built up (probably a bit of both).  Would gloves help, different type of grips who knows.  It’s hard on an island without stiff readily available to try.
  2. Pullups! I can pull up to my eyes but nothing more. I think it’s an issue with Muscle activation (not sure which ones to use and when) and the whole i’m over weight thing..
  3. HSPU – Shoulder strength at a certain point is not there, i can come down to about 2 Ab-matts under me, managed to put both  thin ends together and touched, but nothing below that.  Same as my pullups, there is a little gap between point A and Point B
  4. DU.  New rope helps but not consistant. Most i’ve knocked out is 17, i’ve got the basic idea now just need to work on them.

I’ve got some planning to do…

Below was the weekend Schedule in case anyone was interested..


  • 9am-11am: Snatch Warmup and Overview of the 4 Basic Positions
  • 11am-11:30pm: Lecture: The Biomechanics of Weightlifting: Everyone is Different
  • 11:30pm-12:30pm: Lunch Break
  • 12:30pm-1pm: Video footage and breakdown of the snatch
  • 1pm-3pm: Snatch Warmup and Position Work leading to Max Snatch
  • 3pm-3:30pm: Lecture: Optimal Bartrack for the Snatch
  • 3:30pm-4pm: QA


  • 8am-8:30am: Snatch Review and Warmup
  • 8:30am-10:30am: Jerk Warmup, Position Work, and Auxiliary Exercises]
  • 10:30-11:30am: Clean Positions
  • 11:30-12pm: Lecture: Proper Bar Track and Feet Position for the Jerk
  • 12pm-1pm: Lunch
  • 1pm-2:30pm: Clean and Jerk Positions To CJ Max
  • 2:30pm-3pm: Why The Lifts Are So Important For Fitness and Final QA



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