Week of April 27th

I complete lost last week. I trained but i didn’t do the post.

This was was just as bad as i’m just getting to it now. I need to get back into the habit of working out and then writing.

How do I feel? OK.. I’m still trying to get over an injury? or something that is buggin  me.  My left hip, lower and mid back and tight and won’t release unless really warm. I’m doing some dry needling which is helping slowly and feels better but still gives me issues when i try and go T2B or Burpees (so i’ve been kinda of skipping them…sorry Pat)

Day 1

  1. Squat snatch from just above knee, 12:00 of technique work, focus on pulling quickly under the bar – I feel pretty good @125-130lbs.. I still have this mental issue of trying to power it and not get under it. Mental really.

B1. Bench press, 6-4-4-2, :60 rest – Manged 210lbs on my own. no help for 2.

B2. Pendlay row, 4×2-3, :60 rest – 205lbs no issue.


3 sets: :55 row @97% 5:25 rest

Day 2

  1. Hang power clean, 10×1 tough, begin a set every :20 – Put on 190lbs and hit it 8/10 times.  There was a miss and one that i didn’t get done in time.. clock beat me.
  2. Split jerk cluster, 4×2.2.2, :10 rest between doubles, 2:00 rest between singles – no issues here @175lbs.. Arms were getting tired near the end.


For time: 10-8-6 Toes to bar Burpees – as I said these give me issues. Tried a few and it wasn’t going to happen witout a LOT of pain so i skipped it..


10:00 rest

+ For time: 10-8-6 Power cleans, 135 Box jumps – No issues here. 3:43.  Felt good. Think it was a good time.

Day 3

  1. Front squat, 4×2, 2:00 rest between sets – 265lbs..
  2. DB external rotation, 3×4-6/side, :60 rest between arms – 15lbs each arm. Right arm could probably go to 20..


EMOM for 15:00 1st min- 25 double unders 2nd min- 1 rope climb 3rd min- 2 wall walks – Still got issues with DU.  I started to get a rhythum and was hitting 10 unbroken. 1/2 way up the Rope, was doing the Spanish leg Wrap which is not faster but safer..

Day 4

  1. Deadlift, 4×3 touch and go, heavier than last week, 3:00 rest – Last Week 255lbs, this week 265lbs.. Getting heavier each week.

B1. Ring rows, 3×10-12, :60 rest

B2. KB windmills, 3×3/side, :60 rest


10:00 @ 85% of [8 axle shoulder to overhead-100# + 50m farmers carry, 70/hand + 200m run] – I like that Axle Bar. Felt comfortable in my hands and did them strict.  I alsmot finished 4 rounds. Swapped out the Run for a Row as it was pissing with Rain.

Ran out of time for the last workout..

Day 5

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Week of April 13th 2015

So the open is done…

Holiday is Done…

Now back to the plan.  I’ve seen the weaknesses that i have that have come out of the open, mostly body weight movements; HPSU, Pull ups, etc.. so something that i’d like to target this year.  Body weight is an issue. I need to either lose 40+ pounds, Gain a Shitload of muscle strength or a bit of both..

I had some new “Toys” delivered so I was excited to see one of them programmed for my first day back to the Box..

Day 1.

A. Squat snatch from blocks (mid thigh), 7×1 @ 60-70% of 1RM, focus on pulling under quickly/aggressively and staying back on heels, begin a set every 2:00 – 105lbs (again becasue my 1RM is so low..)
B1. Bench Press, 6-6-4-4, :60 rest – Made it to 205lbs for 2…
B2. Pendlay row, 4×3-4, :60 rest – Again 205lbs for 3 at the end.
3 sets:
:50 row @97%
5:10 rest
On the row, you should go hard enough that you need the full 5:10 to recover
For time: 9-6-3 reps of:
Ball over shoulder #100, burpees. – This was fun though i was tired, and thanks to Johnathan for yelling from the other side of the gym i managed 4:18.  The ball was a bit Daunting at first but once i got into it, it was fine.

Day 2

A. Hang power clean, 8×1 @ moderate-tough, begin a rep every :30 – I like the weights… Warmed up to 185lbs to do the workout.
B. Split jerk, 4×2, 2:00 rest between sets – Worked up on this, i had 195lbs at one point and the last set i put 217lbs on, which is now a 2lbs pr for the Split jerk!! :)
4 sets @increasing effort – I only managed 2 rounds of this, i ran out of time and DU’s are still not there and I was snatching with 65lbs.  I have an easier time with a kettle bell, then the dumbbell. Wonder if switching would give the same effect.
30 double unders
10 alternating DB snatch, 70
15 wall balls
30 double unders
2:00 rest

Day 3

A. Front Squat 5×3.  Worked up to 215lbs in the warm up and did 4 sets with this weight.  Then added 20lbs to do three at 235lbs.  Felt tough but comfortable.
B. DB External Rotation 3×8 both sides.. – having never done this before i had to look it up. Found a video on it and used 15lbs.  Surprisingly weird feeling.

15:00 EMOM

2 Wall Walks
6 T2B – To be honest, i had some issues with my lower Back (still). so I did K2E instead. Seemed to feel better and i did them Unbroken.  Plus hate the bars in the back. had some dry needling done which is helping and just trying to work through it with stretches.  i’m just stiff..
10 Walking Front Rack Lunge with Axle Bar – 95lbs. – This little beauty weighs in at 25lbs so put on a pair of 35lbs plates and walked away.  It was comfortable in the Front Rack.. Until tomorrow when we get to play with the sled… :)


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Week 8. Open 15.2

I never plan to do the open workouts more than once unless i Really screw them up.  I put the effort in when i do them and there is little doubt that there isn’t any more to give, so i continue with training as usual.

Day 1.

A. Build to a tough 3 rep Thruster.  This morning i was having mental issues and couldn’t count. I put some weights on and hit three reps. loaded more (turns out it was 185lbs) hit one and at the bottom my wrist tweaked and i dropped it.  with the open here better safe than sorry.

B. For Time three rounds, 400M Row, 12 Thrusters (95lbs), 12 Pull ups.

at 80%, 12:12 finished.  Again, as my Pull ups are terrible or almost non-existance i did jumping pullups instead.  The bar in the back room is just too bad and too high to do this effectivly.

Day 2.

A. Snatch build to a tough Single.   – A great morning, i’ve struggled with snatches for a while but today felt different. I started in a deeper position of my squat, not sure if it was watching so many videos or the fact that i’ve started with Romwod and stretched every day for a week.

at 135lbs the bar went up comfortably and i got under it as well and i was able to squat below parallel. Feeling good I put 150lbs on the bar and i powered it over head, a bit of an arm bend and i didn’t get under it, but it should be noted that the last time i did 150lbs was almost 2 years ago (Thanks Pat!)

B. 10 Min Cap 3,6,9 etc Burpess (6′), box jumps, KBS(70lbs)

I got 3/12 reps on KBS before the time went.  90% effot? not sure, burpees take it out of me for sure.

Why is is that i feel better, clothes fit better and i’m getting more definition in my shoulders and arms etc but the scale is mean to me!! Screw you Scale!

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Week 7 and the Open

So the open is upon us, this week marks 15.1 announcement and though my training has become more focused i’m still tentative about what’s coming.  Obviously they have included an RX and a scaled division this year which means that the RX workouts have the potential to be that much more difficult (for me anyway) but i’ve done RX for the last 2 years, i might as well keep going.

The training for This week has been slightly scaled down in preparation.

Day 1. (Videos)

A. Thruster, work up to a tough double.  Managed to get 195lbs, i did something weird on the last one, i put the weight overhead and then adjusted my feet, not sure why i did that.

B. Amrap 12:00 Cap (80%) – I almost finished the 2nd Round.  TTB still slow me down.  The back bar is terrible for them and the front bar allowed me to get three in a row.  it’s still going to be a killer. I know they will, but fingers crossed they are smaller sets in the open.

I’ve also started something i should have started 6 weeks ago. I signed up for www.Romwod.com, and so far i think that it’s helping, 6 weeks probably would have helped alot but don’t dwell just move on.

  • Row 400 M
  • 15 Thrusters 95lbs
  • 15 TTB

Day 2.

A. Squat Clean and Jerk – Build to tough single.  Missed 205lbs on the clean the 1st time, nailed it on the 2nd time.

B. 10:00 Cap 90% effort. – Got 4 reps into 15 on the G2OH at 145lbs..

  • 3,6,9,etc
  • G2OH @ 60% of A
  • CTB Pullups – had to do jumping PUs

+ 1000 M Row.

Day 3. – Had transportation issues so never made it to the gym (not pleased with that..) plus it was my Daughters birthday so spent most of any free time running around sorting out cake and food.

Day 4.  30 Minute Row. Started easy and just kept an easy pace. 5.5K rowed, while watching the class do their WOD..

Day 5.

Thursday night go the box to see the announcement and see what’s in store with the open and watch the pros do the workout and wow TTB! anything body weight I hate and TTB are my 2nd worse thing to see.

I planned to do this on the Friday morning as it fits into my schedule for the next couple of weeks so hopefully i can continue to get mark to come in early to judge me.

Showed on Friday morning and it was/wasn’t nice to see that the class was doing it as well which was nice for me as i had companions but not so nice for them (but they did it)

So warmed up and was ready.  15.1 I was dreading the TTB as in the back room the pull up bars are terrible so over the last few weeks it was tough but when i jumped on the regular bar i was surprised.  I managed to get 3 reps less 3 rounds and for my experience with body weight movements i was happy with that..

15.1A – 6 minuts to get a 1RM C&J.  took a minute or two to recover, threw on 185lbs and hit it.

Threw on more weight to take it to 215lbs and hit that as well. 10lb PR over what i set earlier in the week so i was happy with that as well.

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Week 6

We start another week that almost didn’t happen.  I must be eitehr getting into a good routine or getting like an old man.  I set the Alarm last night, i’m sure of it, and I woke this morning as i normally do before it went off.  I turned the clock around to check the time and yup 5:30 with no alarm..Yikes!!

Needless to say i make it to the gym a little later and didn’t manage to finish the extra Rows that i had on the schedule.  First day back at School for everyone after the break and I’d rather not be too late getting back home..

Day 1. (Videos)

Squat Snatch from blocks 60%-70%, 6×1 at Mid Thigh.  The box doesn’t have blocks so i improvised and used a couple of box jumps and put some sand bags to keep the bar from rolling.  It seemed to work but it was the weirdest thing i’ve done in a long time.  I couldn’t figure out where my body was supposed to be which had me thinking more than i probably should have.  100lbs on the bar.  Need to increase my 1 rep max..  Skill work leads to success.

B1. Bench Press 8-6-4-4 – Worked up so that the last set of 4 I was doing 195lbs.

B2. Pendlay Row 4×6 – worked up so that the last set was 185lbs.  these were more controlled and i managed to use less of a hip to get it up.

Rowing – Running late so didn’t get these in at all…

Day 2.

A. Hang Power Clean, 12×1 @ light/moderate. – Said light to moderate and i started the first round with set with 145lbs on the bar but threw on another 20lbs to bring it up to 165lbs.  With a power clean of just over 200lbs on a 1RM it’s about 70%-80%.

B. 2PP + 2PJ + 2SJ – worked up the weights on this, I had 175lbs on the Bar, made 2PP and 1PJ, then my wrists were hurting (i’m wondering if i’m too narrow on the hand position..need to work on some flexability again).  I racked it and tried the PJ again, and dropped it.  Waiting a mintue picked the bar back up and finished the set with 175lbs..

4 Rounds for Even time: – So I managed 2:52, 2:56, 2:52 and then 2:56 to finish off.  My cycle time on the burpees is terrible.  I started the first set and my left hip area went **Ouch**, i worked through it and it got easier as i went along..  I think it’s mental, i can do them faster but then i’m completly gassed

  • 8 Box jump overs – 24″
  • 10 DB PP @55lbs (might have been too heavy but the next set down was 35lbs which would have been too light)
  • 12 Burpees
  • 50 SU
  • 2:00 Rest

Day 3.

A. Squat Snatch+ 2OHS. 5×1.  Very happy with today’s result.  My OHS increased last week Saturday to 165lbs and normally my Squatch Snatch held at 145lbs.  NOT Today!!. 145lbs felt good so i went to 155lbs with success, so i thought why not, and hit 165lbs confidently.  I got under it, held it and stood up and the OHS’s were not too bad either, i think that i’ve got more there as well..

B. Front Rack Lunge 8-10.  As I did last week, whatever i manged to get overhead i used for the lunges so it was 165lbs..  not too bad from the video i didn’t fall over and tried to keep upright as best as possible.

EMOM 8:00 – 7 Jumping Pullups (Odd), 2 Wall Walks (Even).  took the explanation from coach and with the bar just above mid forearm, i did jumping C2B pullups.  I figured if i can get my Chin over try for chest (success).  I did watch a previous video from Pat about wall walks so i did them as explained.  Walls and floors were damp and slippery…

EMOM 8:00 – 5 Ring Dip Negatives (Odd), 0:30 Seconds hard row.  Managed to hit 3 on average, negatives. After all that shoulder work tehy were tired..but finished out the 8 mins..

Day 4.

Big Weight Day!!! The DeadLift!!

A. Deadlift build to a tough 1RM – worked up to 335lbs… happy with that, hell very happy with thtat. when i did my testing over 6 weeks ago 315lbs was a struggle, felt tough by good..

A1. AMRAP HR PU :030. :60 rest – made 18/16/16

A2. one Arm DB row. 8 reps each @55/65/75..

8:00 Amrap.. – This sucked I hate TTB (or anything that requires hanging). I’ve actually started to shave my Calious areas and i’m seriously thinking of getting some gloves though not sure if they will help with the pain of pressure.. 2 rounds done. TTB really slow me down!

  • 7TTB
  • 10 KBS
  • 12 Wall Balls
  • 30 Su

Day 5.

Let’s try this again.. This had the making of something out of the Crossfit open for sure.  13 mins to get it all done.  I saw this at the beginning of the week and was looking somewhat forward to doing this workout, I don’t have issues with Rowing or cleans it was just the burpees that gave me concern.  I finished the row in about 3-4 mins and then started on the burpees. I did them in sets of 5,I thnk that it’s that mental “Game” to try and keep something in the tank as i know that i’m not finished.

I managed to make it through 25/30 cleans @115lbs, before the buzzer went, took a breather and then finished the last 5 cleans and 20 jumping pullups.

13 Mins Cap..

  • 60 Cal Row
  • 40 Burpees
  • 30 Power Cleans @ 50% 1Rm
  • 20 MU/CTB PU/ Jumping PU.

Next Item on my plans for the next 5 weeks.. Scaled or RX? …… RX!!!

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Week 5

After the Client Wod #14, is it normal that the front of my legs are sore?  all of those OHS and Box Jumps.. Still got my ass out of bed and went to the gym!

Day 1.

A. Squat Snath Clusters 5×1.1 @ 60%-70% – So obviously I don’t have a big snatch since we tested at 145lbs so i put 100lbs on the Bar to do this.  Wasn’t so bad was too far back on 1 set and fell over.

B1. Bench Press, 8-8-6-6 :60 rest  – Bench press 135/165/185/195

B2. Pendlay Row, 4×6-8, 2:00 Rest. –  – Pendlay Row: 145/145/175/175 (first time ever doing these, i might be able to go bigger but worry that i’ll “hip” it up rather than trying to keep it strict.


3 sets: – 0:40 row @97% 4:40 Rest..

Day 2.

– power clean build to a tough single. Managed to hit 205 after failing it once. I know what happened I got lazy again on my turnovers.

– 3 push press, 2 push jerk 1 split jerk. I hit 165. I put 185 on but just didn’t have it in me.

– 4 sets increasing effort. The further I went the effort to do it was increasing rather than the output. I thought the last round was was best. Turns out it wasn’t. 2:45, 2:45, 3:07, 3:13

Day 3.

– snatch balance. I hit 145lbs and felt better at the bottom. I hit it and almost fell but held it and stood up. + 1 OHS

Emom was ok, I put the bar about wrist position for the jumping pull ups and tried to hold it just that one second longer. I had a minute so figured more effort to build my pull ups.

I hit the GHD. I don’t like this machine. I don’t go all the way down and tried to go below parallel as best I can. It pulls on my hip area and hurts. But I got the three rounds in (see the video)


DEADLIFT… it’s getting harder to get moving in the morning, can’t wait to not be that single parent again..

Worked my way up to a comfortable 305lbsx2 Deadlift.  Felt good, certinaly feel that i can surpase my 315lbs max set at testing..

B1. Ring Dips.  I have the strength to hold myself on the rigs but the dips aren’t there yet.  I put toes on a box to take some of the weight off and completed 5 reps each set.

B2. Wall Walks.  They are what they are..

8:00 @85% 8 TTB, 6 DB Man Makers, 10 Box Jumps. – it’s my hands that stop me on this. not sure if it’s becuase i’m just heavy that i have a tight grip on the bar but after about 3 reps at the start my hands are so painful that i have to let go.  it’s a long process after this allowing me only 2 full rouds.

8:00 @85% 10 Wall Balls, 50 Skips, :45 Plank.  This was better i started to get into a rhythm with the wall balls where i would start to squat as it came to me.  I managed 4 rounds so felt good about this..

Day 5.

You know what looking at this originally i didn’t think it was that bad, and after doing it i still concurr with that original thought.  It was long, i ended up with 30 seconds rest 1st 10 mins , 1 min rest 20-30, and i had about loads of time in the last round.

I didn’t have an issue with the KB Snatches, did them in sets of 10. It took me back to the days at my old Box where there was a lot of KB Work.  I did all of the G2OH in batches of 5, took a break and just kept going. I watched the clock and finished with over a minute to spare.  I didn’t go 100% probably 60% on the G2OH..  ( only took a bit of video doing the g@OH but the angle is not flattering at all (as i took off my shirt) and i don’t want to see it so I doubt anyone else will either..)

Bring on the DU and T2B. now all i need to do is figure out a way to sort out the pain in my hands..!!

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Week 4

Well it’s the end of Week 4 and at the end of my first month I feel great.  Sore, yes, but Pretty good. I can see improvements in strength and some endurance but i can see the changes in my body shape as well. I don’t eat 100% clean but I can feel myself getting leaner, it’s no overnight success but small gains..

So anyway onto the week. (Videos)


A. 1 hang squat snatch + 1 overhead squat, 5×1 adding weight each time, 2:00 rest between sets, focus on keeping bar path close to body on pull during snatch – 75lbs/105lbs/125lbs/135lbs/145lbs (each set i manged to get into a full squat but the last one was a power. I have some issue with getting low with the weight overhead. I feel the same with the OHS. I think I’m concerned mentally about stabilizing it overhead..)

B1. DB bench press, 3xAMRAP @ 60 lbs/hand, :60 rest – Gym doesn’t have any 60lbs, so i tried 65lbs and i got 10 for the next set.  Started to get a bit heavy so decided to go for reps rather than strength unless otherwise advised. So i picked up a pair of 53lbs Kettle Bells and managed the other 2 rounds 19/15.

B2. Ring rows, 3xAMRAP in :30; :60 rest – 11/11/10


3 sets:

:35 row @97% – I’m getting better at rowing. the distance is getting longer in the shorter distances.. 173m/175m/177m

3:55 rest

Day 2

  1. Power clean, 10×1 @ 85-90% of 1RM, begin a rep every :20 – I like cleans.. I worked up to 200lbs and I successfully hit 8/10. the other 2 i got up but i was lazy on the turn overs and they hit my shoulders and fell.
  2. 2 push press + 1 push perk + 1 split jerk, work up to a max of the complex in 10:00 –  I hit 185lbs total on this from the Rack..


4 sets @ increasing effort: – increase intensity, that was tough to do.. 2:30/2:30/3:09/2:18

  • 50 single unders
  • 7 burpees
  • 15 KB swings
  • 7 burpees
  • 2:00 rest

Day 3

  1. Snatch balance, 5×1 increasing weight each time, focus on speed dropping under bar, 2:00 rest between sets – Worked up in weight i managed to get to 145lbs. once again issues with the OH position. need to work on it for sure.
  2. Front rack walking lunge, 2×10-12, 2:00 rest – Can’t remember what i did with this..I might have event forgotten to do it..


For 10:00

Evens- 5 jumping pull ups- low enough where it’s not a complete strict pull up but there is still a bit of a pull

Odds- 10 box jump overs


3 sets:

:40 row @ 97% – 194m/203m/207m

5:00 rest

Day 4

  1. Deadlift, build to a tough TNG 3 reps in 5 sets, rest as needed – I was VERY pleased with my progress here.  I started 4 weeks ago petrified about lifting the DL and 185lbs was my limit with worrying about my lower back area.  Today i worked up to 285lbs for three and it felf great.  I know i can go bigger and i’ll continue to work up towards my goals.

B1. Ring push ups, 3xAMRAP in :20, :60 rest – 10/9/10

B2. Wall walk, 3×2, :60 rest –


8:00 @ 85% of (200m row + 10 knees to elbow + 15 air squats)

4:00 rest

8:00 @85% of (8 DB thrusters + 50m shuttle run + :30 L-sit) – I started to setup for this and was about to start but my body just said no.. and as i was running late anyway to get home for the kids i scratched this and went home..

Day 5


A. Build to a max OH in 15:00. No more than 4 working reps. – Saturday workout.  My Step-Brother had missed all week so he joined me for it.  We both hit PR’s on the OHS @ 165lbs.  Most i’ve hit was 145lbs so i was please and James had done 155lbs so he was glad as well.  Obviously what weighed on our minds was the heavier we manged to get the heavier the weights were for the WOD..

with a 15:00 cap – so the weights were..70lbs/100lbs/120lbs/135lbs.  I managed to get 10 OHS @135lbs.. Tough workout for sure but felt good. Shoulders and legs are feeling it today for sure..

10 OHS at 42% of weight from A.
10 box jumps 24/20
15 OHS at 60%
15 box jumps
20 OHS at 73%
20 box jumps
25 OHS at 82%
25 box jumps

Round the weights to the nearest 5 to make changing plates faster.

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Week 3.

Day 1 (Videos)

  1. Hang power snatch + 2 overhead squats, 4×1, 2:00 rest between sets, focus on staying back on the heels – 145lbs

B1. DB bench press, 3×3-5; :60 rest – 75lbs

B2. Ring rows, 3×5-7; :60 rest


3 sets:

:30 row @ 97%

3:30 rest

Day 2

  1. Power clean, 8×1 @ 80-85% of 1RM, begin a set every :20 – 190lbs
  2. 1 push jerk + 1 split jerk, 5×1, begin a set every 2:00 – 185lbs


4 sets for even times: 1:46 / 1:44 / 1:45 / 1:43

9 GHD sit ups

10 burpees

12 KB swings

40 single unders

2:00 rest

Day 3

  1. Overhead squat, 4×2, 2:00 rest – 145lbs


For 8:00

Evens- 5 pull up negatives

Odds- 12 wall ball

4:00 rest

For 8:00

Evens- 8 HR push ups

Odds- 10 box jumps


4 sets:

:60 row @ 90%

:60 row @ 50%


Day 4

A1. 4×6 deadlift touch and go, :60 rest – 185lbs / 215lbs / 235lbs / 255lbs

A2. Ring push ups, 4×10-12, 2:00 rest


6:00 @ 85% of (:30 plank + 25m bear crawl + 8 KTE) – plank of 3rd round

3:00 rest

6:00 @ 85% of (100m row + 8 ring rows+ 15 air squats)- 3rd round finished

3:00 rest

6:00 @85% of (:20 handstand hold + 8 DB push press + 20 alternating walking lunges) – 2 rounds + 8DD

Day 5

http://trainingandstirring.com/client-wod-13 – I got 4 rounds of G2OH at 135lbs. Once again it was hands that stopped me on the TTB.  They hurt a LOT from the pressure of holding my Fat ass on the bar.  i’m hoping that the constant work will eventually pay off so that it doens’t hurt as much..

10:00 cap:

3 ground to over head, #135/95
6 ground to over head

Continue to nine, 12, 15, 18, 21, etc.

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Week 2.

Felt better at the end of this week though I still need to work on my snatches.  Still powering them when it gets heavy and not dropping under them.  Something i need to be mindful of.

the last workout seems to be the worst every week but i’m sure that’s planned, i’m not as sore by weeks end and I think i’ve lost the weight that i put on over Christmas. I use my work pants as a guage and they are slipping on like they used to.

Week 2 – 01/19 – 01 (Videos)

Day 1

  1. Hang power snatch from just above knees, build to a tough double – I was happy with this I managed to hit 145lbs for a double. Powered it which means i have more just need to work on getting under it in a full squat!! This will come with building my overhead stability as well.

B1. DB Bench press, 3×4-6; :60 rest – 45lbs/75lbs/75lbs

B2. Ring rows, 3×4-6; :60 rest


3 sets: :25 row @97% 3:00 rest

Day 2

  1. Power clean, 10×1 @ 80% of 1RM, begin a set every :30 – 180lbs Comfortable
  2. Split jerk, 5×1 @ 80-85% of 1RM, begin a set every 2:00 – 175lbs.


4 sets for even times:

  • 20 single unders
  • 8 KB swings, 53
  • 8 burpees
  • 20 single unders
  • :90 rest

– Counting down from a 20min start.. Split Times 1:06 / 1:03 / 1:04 / 1:03

Day 3

  1. Overhead squat, 3×3, 20×1; 2:00 rest – Warmed up with a few OHS. 135lbs / 145lbs / 155lbs (which i think is a PR but i’m not sure if i wnt low enough. someone will have to review the video and let me know..)


For 15:00

1st min- 10 wall ball

2nd min- 4 pull up negatives – Feeling this in my lats so it must be working. Keep going!!

3rd min- 6 DB push press


5 sets:

:60 row @ 85% – this was tough i’ll have to admit, i hit about 45-50 seconds and started to die..

:60 row @ 50%

Day 4

A1. Deadlift, 4×8 touch and go, :60 rest – I only did 185lbs last week and it didn’t feel great. This week I had a beter week. Warmed up and started the D/l – 185lbs / 205lbs / 225lbs / 225lbs.  I felt good after the last set. Seems that my issues with my hip area are starting to clear, it’s not perfect but time will tell.

A2. Ring push ups, 4×8-10, 2:00 rest – 10 Reps each time.


8:00 @ 80% of (:30 L-sit + 10 box jump overs + 10 airdyne calories) – using the Chris Spealler method used in the 2014 Games i managed to get to the start of the 4th Round with the L-Sits. 

4:00 rest

8:00 @ 80% of (5 DB man makers + 30 single unders + 1 rope climb(25M Bear Crawl)) – Finished 3rd Round, but this was tough by the end of the hour.

Day 5


A. Work up to a heavy, not a max, Thruster in 15 minutes. – 15 minutes worked up to 185lbs. heavy but not maximum.

“Grid Bite” – This looked easier than it was T2B ate up 6 mins of my time and i didn’t realise how tough the Dumbell Burpee box overs. I gave a 20inch box a go and was ok, but when i got to the 24″ box i just couldn’t get over the mental block. HPSU normal are a no go, so a 5″ deficit was not possible. – Glad it was the last day..

For time: 17:40

20 thrusters #95/65
20 Toes to bar
10 dumbbell burpee box jump overs #35/25 per hand
9 burpee ring touch, set rings at 8″ above max reach
5 deficit HSPU 5″ deficit (Women: 2″ deficit)
20 Thrusters.

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Week 1.

Day 1 (Videos)

  1. Hang power snatch, 6×1 adding weight set set, begin a set every 2:00. Focus on aggressive turnover and pulling under the bar

B1. DB bench press, 3×6-8; :60 rest – I managed with 45/55/75.  75lbs was fairly easy not sure if the gym has a larger set but will have a look

B2. Ring rows, 3×3-5; 2:00 rest


3 sets:

:20 row @ 97%

2:40 rest

Day 2

  1. Power clean, 12×1 @75% of 1RM, begin a set every :30
  2. Split jerk, 1-1-1-1-1 @70-80% of 1RM, begin a set every 2:00 – Warmed up nicely on this, the weight for 75% would have been something odd so i put on enough weight to make it 170lbs. I used this for both the Clean and the Splut Jerk.


3 sets for even times:

40 single unders

10 KB swings, 53

8 burpees

:90 rest

– I set the Clock at 20min countdown and i got

  1. fist round 18:52, so 1:08
  2. 2nd Round 16:18 , so 1:04
  3. 3rd Round 13:44, so 1:04

Day 3


  1. Overhead squat, 3×4, 20×1; 2:00 rest – i’m having shoulder issues (left Side) so was concerned about holding something overhead but i managed to work up to 145lbs for the last set, which i was ok with. I’d like to get more on this but i think i need to work on more stabilization.


For 15:00

1st min- 8 wall ball

2nd min- 3 pull up negatives

3rd min- 6 alternating DB snatch


10:00 row or airdyne @ easy pace

Day 4

A1. Deadlift, 4×10 touch and go; :60 rest – My left hip gives me jip on deadlifts so i always have conerns with this. I put 225lbs on the bar at FIRST, tried it and said nope.. so I put on 185lbs and was happier with that. Again something that i’d like to build on.

A2. Ring push ups, 4×6-8; 2:00 rest


8:00 @ 80% of (:40 plank + 12 box jumps w/step down + 40 single unders) – Not too bad (i forgot to record this) but it 3 rounds compeleted minimum

4:00 rest

8:00 @80% of (7 toes to bar + 14 alternating walking lunge steps + 10 airdyne calories) – this was Tough. I got on the bar to do the T2B and my hands were killing me, i threw my shirt on the bar and that really helped. I’m going to have to look at something to help there. I manged 2 rounds totally and started on my third with a couple of T2B.

Day 5

3000m row @85% – Total time 12:43.3. I was starving this morning so i had a couple of eggs before i left the house. I think that it helpded


AMRAP in 12:00 – Started into the 3rd Round i managed to get 4 Push Press done @45 lbs.  I was busted by the time i started this, glad it’s the end of the week.

50m farmers walk, 70/hand

10 burpees

12 DB push press

200m run

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