Day 10 testing.

So once again I can’t count..

20 min Amrap of 10 @ Wallballs, Box Jumps (or step ups for me seems to be faster), 10 Deadlifts and 10 Burpees.

This Seemed easier than expected, these workouts are under-estimated.  This was more difficult than expected, not sure if i was just tired but the Deadlifts seem to take me longer than i liked.

Not a fan of dedlifts, it always makes me nervous with my lower back so sets of 5.

It was only on the ride home that i realised that it was 20lbs over weight **IDIOT**.

4 Full rounds, 10 Wall Balls, 10 Step ups and 5 Deadlifts.

Followed by a 500 metre row just to cool down.

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Testing Day 8 and 9..

It’s been a few days since i’m commented and it feels like i’ve been suffereing from IMS.

Male PMS: The Irritable Male Syndrome, it’s a real thing look it up. I’m coming out of the slump this afternoon, but i don’t know if it had any impact on my performance this morning but i gave it the “ole College Try”.

Last Thursday Day 8 saw me performing a 5K Row. Better a row than a run!..  I was happy with the time. I didnt’ want to go out to fast, it’s often an issue i knew i had to pace myself and just Row.  I saw the estimated time to finish os 22:00 and i wanted to keep it under that.  I kept my strokes between 24-27, and at times gave some good leg drives through 100 metres and then back again to a more sustainable pace.  21:38.2, wish i could run 5K in that time!  In Time..

Took Friday off. Legs were sore..

Day 9 and Snatches..

500 Meter Run, Spider Man Lunges, Wall Squats, V-Rolls, some scorpions to warm up and then took my time working up to 1 rep Squat snatch.

I managed 145lbs successfully and thought 150lbs, then reconsidered and added another 2lbs to the top.  Well needless to say it didn’t go as planned.

  • no lift
  • Got under it but fell over
  • Got under it again but fell to a knee.

2nd Part of the Testing 20 Snatches at 77%, so I stripped to 112lbs.

Man my legs were feeling it, thought it wouldn’t take me that long but 7:56. Ow..

Me Snatching.. via Coaches Eye.


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Testing Day 7

“In the late 1800s, a simple exercise called the health lift—the original lift—was believed to provide the only physical fitness a man needed.

The health lift was a very simple exercise. Pile heavy objects onto a machine, and then lift it. Workout completed, fitness and health improved—instantly.” Source

Sometimes things are easier said than done.  This is one of those exercises that sits in the back of mind and weighs heavy (no pun intended).  I had an issue with my lower back, where i would do DLs and find that i had issues walking the next day, everything was really tight and I’d feel a “twinge” in the area between my back and top of my glute, so I always approach this movement with caution.

Having Said that went with a purpose of just doing what i can without injury and i think I managed.  It’s not the heaviest I’ve ever lifted (365lbs) but 315lbs is still not too bad.  I took my time and just did it.  I loaded 325lbs on the Bar and got it off the ground but felt that I didn’t want to push myself into a bad position to make a 10lbs lift increase.  400lbs+ is the Goal for this next year for sure.

Following on was a quick 50 Hand Release Pushups for time..2:52.  I was on good pace for the first 25 at about 50 seconds but my Triceps started to lock up and say nope! started to do them in sets of 2 until i finally got them done.  who would have thought that something simple would end up being so hard.

Easier Said than done.

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Testing Day 6..

Bro… How much do you Squat?

It’s such a gym thing to say to pump up the chest and beat it like some caveman. It’s seen as some sort of scaling that i’m not into at all. I did well on the 1 Rep Max Squat and i’m very pleased with my performance, it was a 40lbs increase over the last time we did Squats.

A morning unlike the 15 min rush of a class setting, allowing me 30 minutes to build and build to a 1 Rep max of 355lbs. Fantastic if i do say so… (think i can set a goal of 500lbs?)

Jonathan was next to me doing his 5×5 squat regime and it’s paying off. he keeps adding 5lbs and it’ll happen over time.

Of Course more focused on the squat i let time get away from me, leaving me about 20 minutes to try and get a 1 rep C&J max.  Only managed to get 195lbs, cleaned 215lbs but failed on the jerk and still have a hang clean of 245lbs set on Saturday..

Lifting Rasta Colours!!


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And the Crowd roars..

This Saturday Gone (December 6th, 2014) saw me and three other great people compete in the Masters Division of our Box’s 2nd Annual Class Challenge.  (Myself, James, Leslie and Nagma)

It was the AM Group versus the Nooners and the evening crews.


Male 1 and Female 1 on one rower while Male 2 and Female 2 on Separate rower. At “3-2-1-go” M1 rows for 750m as fast as he can. Once completed, F1 will row the remaining 750m. Total time is counted towards team score. M2 and F2 perform same sequence simultaneously.

EVENT #2: “PAIRS 13.2″

M1 and M2 work together for an 8 min AMRAP. M1 performs the following:

  • 5 Shoulder to Overhead
  • 10 Deadlifts
  • 15 Box Jumps

Once M1 finishes complete round they tag M2; and M2 completes full round. M1 and M2 continue alternating work until the 8 minutes is complete. Immediately after M1 and M2 tag F1 and F2, and F1 and F2 complete the same 8 minute AMRAP. Final score is total rounds and reps completed as a team.

  • Rx – 115/80 + 24/20
  • Masters – 95/65 + 24/20
  • Scaled – 75/55 + 24/20


Teams will have a total of 8 minutes for all four athletes to complete their lift using a single barbell. The team score will be the sum of each athlete’s successfully completed lift. There is no scaling for Masters or Scaled Divisions. Teams may lift in any order desired. Each athlete must complete one lift successfully. There is no limit to number of attempts. Team score is the sum of total weight lifted by all four athletes.


For time, athletes complete the following as a team:


  • 200 DUs
  • 150 Wall Balls (20/14)
  • 100 Burpees onto Plate (45/35)

Masters and Scaled

  • 400 Singles
  • 150 Wall Balls (14/10)
  • 100 Burpees onto plate (45/35)


All I can say was that it was an amazing Day and I want to thank Bobby and Matt et al. for putting this event on (Even though Matt was there at the beginning and at the end only). My Team mates were great, and the whole AM group, Scaled and RX put in a tonne of effort and we should all be proud.

With 7 Seconds on the Clock. 245lbs Hang Clean (My PR for the Day!!)


The AM Crew. Rise and Grind..


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Jump up and Get Down .. Day 5

Day 5 and Going Strong. I feel good. A little tired but managing. Still have the Box Class Challenge tomorrow to get through, so I was glad not to do the WOD today but day 5 of testing..

AQAP : 16:57

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 10 Burpees
  • 50 Double Unders
  • 10 Burpees
  • 50 Double Unders
  • 10 Burpees
  • 50 Double Unders
  • 10 Burpees
  • 50 Double Unders
  • 10 Burpees

Took me 4 minutes to get the first round down, I was watching the clock.. 2nd Round 4 minutes and then it kinda went from there.

Did all of the Burpees without taking a break, it’s only 10 afterall.  Still struggling with the DU.  I think that when I hit 30’s i managed to knock out 17-18 in a row which is still my best to date.

I still think that i have the right idea, put the RX Speed rope aside and keep the “jump 2 bit fit” plastic rope until i can do them consistantly. Get the right rhythm first.

This made me laugh.. The wife asked if I had lost any weight yesterday and then this morning one of the guys had asked me as well..I suppose that box of shortbread eaten over the last 2 days has paid off. ;)  isn’t that like the Hollywood cookie diet? or this one? I can hear all of the Paleo people just cried a small tear at that..

Thanks James for the Shirts for tomorrow Box Class Challenge, they look awesome!!


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Swing, Swing, Swing.. Day 4

No need to go upstairs today so worries about dropping weights and scaring the

Nice Warm up this morning.

750M Run (I hate running..)

2 Rounds

  • 10 Wall Squats
  • 10 V rolls
  • 10 SpiderMan Lunges
  • 10 Push ups.

Based on a pervious conversation I picked up the Kettle Bell and did 10 Swings and 35lbs, 10 @ 55lbs then 5 @70lbs, jsut to warm up and get the shoulders going.

Set the Music, put my Phone up somewhere and set the StopWatch. Grabbed some chalk as there was no chalk bucket in the “Warm up room”, tried not to make a mess.

10..9.. I like the extra time to setup..2..1..Go. 3 Rounds of 25KBS and 15 Ring Rows. Total Time 12:54

Felt ok, KBS were good got 15 in the first round unbroken before I had to put it down , then a set of 10.  Next 2 rounds consisted of 10 reps then 8 then 7 for each.

Ring rows are terrible, 3 reps each set. They were set about 2-3 feet off the ground and I stayed as straight as possible, with little knee bend and no help from the hip. Test wasn’t specific about the style of ring row so I did what I thought was best.

So Glad that I’ve started testing as I saw the workout for today and i’m reminded of a post that i saw earlier.

Every minute, on the minute, for 24 minutes:
Min 1 – Thrusters x 5 reps (135/95)
Min 2 – Pull-Ups x 10 reps
Min 3 – Box Jump Jumps x 15 reps (24/20)

James “Over Slept” but I’d agree to skip this workout especially as he has some shoulder issues and we have the Class Challenge on Saturday..Flash Vs Arrow probably didn’t help either :)

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Don’t Drop the weight Day 3..

Today was much better, Mark was there and actually knew where the upstairs key was so that was a good start.

I did the Warm up that the 6 AM class was doing, I found it beneficial. 2 Mins Row and some warmups including the Bergner Warmup for the Snatch. I wasn’t doing the snatch but it got my hips and shoulders open ready for what lay ahead.

Went upstairs and put my little bose speaker on with my music, which i have to say is completely different than the Hard stuff that Jonathan Flood listens too. A distinct showing of my age.

Threw a couple of 25lbs plates on a bar and started to do a few warm up power cleans. then started the clock.

8 Mins to get a 1 rep max.  I know that I have Cleaned 225lbs in the past so my goal was over 200, and 205 is where I hit it before time ran out.

2 Mins rest. just enough time to take off the weight to get to 90% or so I thought.  Took too much weight off and ended up doing the next Amrap with 80% of the 1 Rep max. It was only on the way home during the drive when i was self analyising that i realised that I had taken off too much weight..

I managed 37 Reps, doing sets of three and then stopping before my grip gave out. walked away reset and did another 3 reps and so forth. It’s amazing how fast 8 mins seems to disappear.  I tried for 38 but hit my knee on the way up and dropped it..

I felt ok, wasn’t too busted besides my Grip and i had a sweat on my brow. In the middle of my 1 Rep attempt One of the owners Came in and kept reminding me not to power drop the weights but to control them down, I started to do this in the AMRAP so not sure if it had any impact.

If you didn’t want people to drop the weights why put them upstairs? the Floor is sound and is not going to collapse but as I knew, it was noise downstairs..  Chuck and I found this out when we were looking at places, 200lbs sounds like 400lbs when dropped.

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Testing Day 2..

Testing Continues. Bring on Day 2.

Excited as i get the car to go to the gym, small joys..

Drive up to the gym and it’s pitch black!! WTF, check my watch was the time wrong, am i an hour early what was going on.. rolled up to the parking lot and everyone is there waiting for someone to open the box. I laughed and rolled down the window, “Must be Matt’s morning?” as he has had a tendancy to be opening doors with minutes to spare..

Some go for a run, Brian leaves after about 12 minutes.. no one has any numbers just email addresses..

Good Johnathan has a look and jumps up to one of the windows, “It’s unlocked”. we break into the box open the doors and turn on the lights and start moving. 24 minutes into the hour Matt shows up, mis-communication between him and Mark and he opens the upstairs area so i get started.

Of course i feel a bit rushed, Power Snatch to heavy first of all.  Wasn’t feel too good on this , i know that when power and grace were here i managed a 155 power snatch but today i only manged 135.  Tried 145 twice but failed.

with about 10 minutes left of my “hour” i make my way downstairs to the rowers.  Yup, 2 500 metre rows Max effort with a 90 Second rest between them.

I was warned…OUCH!! My legs/chest were burning, i was Panting trying to catch my breath, 2nd 500 felt dizzy at the end (a bit) legs were sore and i took the advice, get up and walk around which really helped.

First 500 – 1:43.7

2nd 500 – 1:54.6

Testing my Latic Endurance, i’d like to know what the results mean for sure..

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Testing Day 1

Day 1 starts like any other monday morning, alarm goes off and who wants to go to the gym but I did with a smile and a plan. ;)

Following a recommendation from Coach for Warm up (G/D/S), and as I needed to have the new upstairs room opened up, warm up was..

  • 400 Meter Run
  • lunges
  • PVC Pipe Pass throughs, good mornings, overhead squats, SOT Squats
  • Double unders (not many)
  • Spider Mans

I put on my Shoes and Straps, grabbed and new rouge Bar and started loading plates for Front Squats building to a 1 Rep Max. (used the facilities**Don’t ask**)

This is the type of lifting i like, no rush and with purpose. Took about 20-25 minutes to complete.

NEW PR !!  300lbs Front Squat for 1 Rep.  Felt comfortable.

Following that, need to go downstairs and grab a spot partner for 1 Rep Max Bench Press, I’m on my own upstairs and wouldn’t want to have an accident, no one would know.

Bench Press 1 Rep Max 225lbs.  I’ve hit that in the past, glad i was able to hit that again, as i was struggling last week with Bench press.

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