Week 2.

Felt better at the end of this week though I still need to work on my snatches.  Still powering them when it gets heavy and not dropping under them.  Something i need to be mindful of.

the last workout seems to be the worst every week but i’m sure that’s planned, i’m not as sore by weeks end and I think i’ve lost the weight that i put on over Christmas. I use my work pants as a guage and they are slipping on like they used to.

Week 2 – 01/19 – 01 (Videos)

Day 1

  1. Hang power snatch from just above knees, build to a tough double – I was happy with this I managed to hit 145lbs for a double. Powered it which means i have more just need to work on getting under it in a full squat!! This will come with building my overhead stability as well.

B1. DB Bench press, 3×4-6; :60 rest – 45lbs/75lbs/75lbs

B2. Ring rows, 3×4-6; :60 rest


3 sets: :25 row @97% 3:00 rest

Day 2

  1. Power clean, 10×1 @ 80% of 1RM, begin a set every :30 – 180lbs Comfortable
  2. Split jerk, 5×1 @ 80-85% of 1RM, begin a set every 2:00 – 175lbs.


4 sets for even times:

  • 20 single unders
  • 8 KB swings, 53
  • 8 burpees
  • 20 single unders
  • :90 rest

- Counting down from a 20min start.. Split Times 1:06 / 1:03 / 1:04 / 1:03

Day 3

  1. Overhead squat, 3×3, 20×1; 2:00 rest – Warmed up with a few OHS. 135lbs / 145lbs / 155lbs (which i think is a PR but i’m not sure if i wnt low enough. someone will have to review the video and let me know..)


For 15:00

1st min- 10 wall ball

2nd min- 4 pull up negatives – Feeling this in my lats so it must be working. Keep going!!

3rd min- 6 DB push press


5 sets:

:60 row @ 85% - this was tough i’ll have to admit, i hit about 45-50 seconds and started to die..

:60 row @ 50%

Day 4

A1. Deadlift, 4×8 touch and go, :60 rest – I only did 185lbs last week and it didn’t feel great. This week I had a beter week. Warmed up and started the D/l – 185lbs / 205lbs / 225lbs / 225lbs.  I felt good after the last set. Seems that my issues with my hip area are starting to clear, it’s not perfect but time will tell.

A2. Ring push ups, 4×8-10, 2:00 rest – 10 Reps each time.


8:00 @ 80% of (:30 L-sit + 10 box jump overs + 10 airdyne calories) - using the Chris Spealler method used in the 2014 Games i managed to get to the start of the 4th Round with the L-Sits. 

4:00 rest

8:00 @ 80% of (5 DB man makers + 30 single unders + 1 rope climb(25M Bear Crawl)) – Finished 3rd Round, but this was tough by the end of the hour.

Day 5


A. Work up to a heavy, not a max, Thruster in 15 minutes. – 15 minutes worked up to 185lbs. heavy but not maximum.

“Grid Bite” – This looked easier than it was T2B ate up 6 mins of my time and i didn’t realise how tough the Dumbell Burpee box overs. I gave a 20inch box a go and was ok, but when i got to the 24″ box i just couldn’t get over the mental block. HPSU normal are a no go, so a 5″ deficit was not possible. – Glad it was the last day..

For time: 17:40

20 thrusters #95/65
20 Toes to bar
10 dumbbell burpee box jump overs #35/25 per hand
9 burpee ring touch, set rings at 8″ above max reach
5 deficit HSPU 5″ deficit (Women: 2″ deficit)
20 Thrusters.

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Week 1.

Day 1 (Videos)

  1. Hang power snatch, 6×1 adding weight set set, begin a set every 2:00. Focus on aggressive turnover and pulling under the bar

B1. DB bench press, 3×6-8; :60 rest - I managed with 45/55/75.  75lbs was fairly easy not sure if the gym has a larger set but will have a look

B2. Ring rows, 3×3-5; 2:00 rest


3 sets:

:20 row @ 97%

2:40 rest

Day 2

  1. Power clean, 12×1 @75% of 1RM, begin a set every :30
  2. Split jerk, 1-1-1-1-1 @70-80% of 1RM, begin a set every 2:00 - Warmed up nicely on this, the weight for 75% would have been something odd so i put on enough weight to make it 170lbs. I used this for both the Clean and the Splut Jerk.


3 sets for even times:

40 single unders

10 KB swings, 53

8 burpees

:90 rest

- I set the Clock at 20min countdown and i got

  1. fist round 18:52, so 1:08
  2. 2nd Round 16:18 , so 1:04
  3. 3rd Round 13:44, so 1:04

Day 3


  1. Overhead squat, 3×4, 20×1; 2:00 rest – i’m having shoulder issues (left Side) so was concerned about holding something overhead but i managed to work up to 145lbs for the last set, which i was ok with. I’d like to get more on this but i think i need to work on more stabilization.


For 15:00

1st min- 8 wall ball

2nd min- 3 pull up negatives

3rd min- 6 alternating DB snatch


10:00 row or airdyne @ easy pace

Day 4

A1. Deadlift, 4×10 touch and go; :60 rest – My left hip gives me jip on deadlifts so i always have conerns with this. I put 225lbs on the bar at FIRST, tried it and said nope.. so I put on 185lbs and was happier with that. Again something that i’d like to build on.

A2. Ring push ups, 4×6-8; 2:00 rest


8:00 @ 80% of (:40 plank + 12 box jumps w/step down + 40 single unders) - Not too bad (i forgot to record this) but it 3 rounds compeleted minimum

4:00 rest

8:00 @80% of (7 toes to bar + 14 alternating walking lunge steps + 10 airdyne calories) – this was Tough. I got on the bar to do the T2B and my hands were killing me, i threw my shirt on the bar and that really helped. I’m going to have to look at something to help there. I manged 2 rounds totally and started on my third with a couple of T2B.

Day 5

3000m row @85% – Total time 12:43.3. I was starving this morning so i had a couple of eggs before i left the house. I think that it helpded


AMRAP in 12:00 - Started into the 3rd Round i managed to get 4 Push Press done @45 lbs.  I was busted by the time i started this, glad it’s the end of the week.

50m farmers walk, 70/hand

10 burpees

12 DB push press

200m run

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End of Week 1

Not sure what the best method for this so this, what i think i’m going to do is Load up all of the videos to the site. I have a Vimeo account and then will create the album and use the plugin to show it in a single page.

I’ll then write up the week’s training experience and if i can put a link to the video.

This seems to make sense, less posts overall and perhaps a bit cleaner? IDK

This week was good it was good to get back in the Gym. I’m sore as F**Ks though which is a good thing.  Not just a single muscle group but a range of groups..

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Holidays are over

Well Christmas and New years has come and gone and we welcome in 2015 with a few extra holiday pounds and a head cold of all things.

Landed back on the island on Friday night, got through customs without any issues. Since getting “Caught” twice before by not claiming anything, i claim the lot everytime. We didn’t do that bad this year, Nicole didn’t have as many opportunities to shop :)

Slow start on Both Saturday and Sunday, I picked up a cold just before we came back and i’m still suffering from it, Both nostrils are so blocked if I Close my mouth i feel like i’m going to suffocate.

Saturday we went for a Walk along the new Bailey’s Bay Trail bridge about an hour before sunset, we’ve never been along there even before the bridge, it was a really nice walk.


Sunday morning, after about an hour of stress we all went for a bike ride. Maya borrowed mom’s bike as her tire is still not fixed, nicole borrowed mine and I took out the Road Bike. It was a nice day and a nice ride, i’m sure alyssa would disagree, but she did fantastic, still needs work on utilising her gears.

Monday Back to work, got my training schedule for the week which i’m excited about but i’ll have to gauge how ti goes with this cold. I don’t want to make anything worse by going in too soon (though i’m desperate to start).

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With a nap nap here and a nap nap there

What’s a holiday without some good holiday naps?

Made it to the UK with no issues, flight was on time and with only a bit turbulence.
If it wasn’t for the fact that my chair didn’t recline, the guy in front of me had and the in-considerate bastard next to me wasn’t trying to sleep on my lap it would have been perfect.

Picked up the car and drove to the in-laws and after a couple of short naps sitting down to soup. Yummy

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Gone for the holidays

Sitting at the airport waiting for the BA flight to the UK I get to sit and reflect on the last year. Kids have made me so proud in the way that they have grown and developed as individuals.
Alyssa has embraced the swimming as well as both guides and frontier girls. The social aspect of both suit her well.
Maya has her dance and from the pouts of not wanting to go to now dancing all the time around the house it’s very nice to see.
Nicole has, I think found a new stride at work and though is working harder than ever I think that the rewards may finally be on their way.
Tough one. Boarding now so will update later.

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Day 10 testing.

So once again I can’t count..

20 min Amrap of 10 @ Wallballs, Box Jumps (or step ups for me seems to be faster), 10 Deadlifts and 10 Burpees.

This Seemed easier than expected, these workouts are under-estimated.  This was more difficult than expected, not sure if i was just tired but the Deadlifts seem to take me longer than i liked.

Not a fan of dedlifts, it always makes me nervous with my lower back so sets of 5.

It was only on the ride home that i realised that it was 20lbs over weight **IDIOT**.

4 Full rounds, 10 Wall Balls, 10 Step ups and 5 Deadlifts.

Followed by a 500 metre row just to cool down.

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Testing Day 8 and 9..

It’s been a few days since i’m commented and it feels like i’ve been suffereing from IMS.

Male PMS: The Irritable Male Syndrome, it’s a real thing look it up. I’m coming out of the slump this afternoon, but i don’t know if it had any impact on my performance this morning but i gave it the “ole College Try”.

Last Thursday Day 8 saw me performing a 5K Row. Better a row than a run!..  I was happy with the time. I didnt’ want to go out to fast, it’s often an issue i knew i had to pace myself and just Row.  I saw the estimated time to finish os 22:00 and i wanted to keep it under that.  I kept my strokes between 24-27, and at times gave some good leg drives through 100 metres and then back again to a more sustainable pace.  21:38.2, wish i could run 5K in that time!  In Time..

Took Friday off. Legs were sore..

Day 9 and Snatches..

500 Meter Run, Spider Man Lunges, Wall Squats, V-Rolls, some scorpions to warm up and then took my time working up to 1 rep Squat snatch.

I managed 145lbs successfully and thought 150lbs, then reconsidered and added another 2lbs to the top.  Well needless to say it didn’t go as planned.

  • no lift
  • Got under it but fell over
  • Got under it again but fell to a knee.

2nd Part of the Testing 20 Snatches at 77%, so I stripped to 112lbs.

Man my legs were feeling it, thought it wouldn’t take me that long but 7:56. Ow..

Me Snatching.. via Coaches Eye.


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Testing Day 7

“In the late 1800s, a simple exercise called the health lift—the original lift—was believed to provide the only physical fitness a man needed.

The health lift was a very simple exercise. Pile heavy objects onto a machine, and then lift it. Workout completed, fitness and health improved—instantly.” Source

Sometimes things are easier said than done.  This is one of those exercises that sits in the back of mind and weighs heavy (no pun intended).  I had an issue with my lower back, where i would do DLs and find that i had issues walking the next day, everything was really tight and I’d feel a “twinge” in the area between my back and top of my glute, so I always approach this movement with caution.

Having Said that went with a purpose of just doing what i can without injury and i think I managed.  It’s not the heaviest I’ve ever lifted (365lbs) but 315lbs is still not too bad.  I took my time and just did it.  I loaded 325lbs on the Bar and got it off the ground but felt that I didn’t want to push myself into a bad position to make a 10lbs lift increase.  400lbs+ is the Goal for this next year for sure.

Following on was a quick 50 Hand Release Pushups for time..2:52.  I was on good pace for the first 25 at about 50 seconds but my Triceps started to lock up and say nope! started to do them in sets of 2 until i finally got them done.  who would have thought that something simple would end up being so hard.

Easier Said than done.

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Testing Day 6..

Bro… How much do you Squat?

It’s such a gym thing to say to pump up the chest and beat it like some caveman. It’s seen as some sort of scaling that i’m not into at all. I did well on the 1 Rep Max Squat and i’m very pleased with my performance, it was a 40lbs increase over the last time we did Squats.

A morning unlike the 15 min rush of a class setting, allowing me 30 minutes to build and build to a 1 Rep max of 355lbs. Fantastic if i do say so… (think i can set a goal of 500lbs?)

Jonathan was next to me doing his 5×5 squat regime and it’s paying off. he keeps adding 5lbs and it’ll happen over time.

Of Course more focused on the squat i let time get away from me, leaving me about 20 minutes to try and get a 1 rep C&J max.  Only managed to get 195lbs, cleaned 215lbs but failed on the jerk and still have a hang clean of 245lbs set on Saturday..

Lifting Rasta Colours!!


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